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Data-driven upscaling methods for regional photovoltaic power estimation and forecast using satellite and numerical weather prediction data


Status quo of the air-conditioning market in europe: Assessment of the building stock


Grand European and Asian-Pacific multi-model seasonal forecasts: maximization of skill and of potential economical value to end-users


Deterministic and stochastic approaches for day-ahead solar power forecasting


Multi-scale enhancement of climate prediction over land by increasing the model sensitivity to vegetation variability in EC-Earth


Multi-Model Ensemble for day ahead prediction of photovoltaic generation

Future development of the air-conditioning market in Europe: an outlook until 2020

Observationally based analysis of land-atmosphere coupling


Robust assessment of the expansion and retreat of Mediterranean climate in the 21st century


Dynamical Modeling and Parameter Identification of Seismic Isolation Systems by Evolution Strategies

Optimizing the start-up operations of combined cycle power plants using soft computing methods


Evolutionary Algorithms For The Identification Of Structural Systems In Earthquake Engineering

Design of Robust Space Trajectories

Start-Up Optimisation of a Combined Cycle Power Plant with Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms

Ambient temperature modelling with soft computing techniques

A Study of Nature-Inspired Methods for Financial Trend Reversal Detection

Soft Computing Techniques for Internet Backbone Traffic Anomaly Detection

Ambient Temperature Modelling through Traditional and Soft Computing Methods

Evolving Complex Neural Networks