My role

I am involved mainly in the power system modelling of Western Africa and in the development of a pan-European energy model with a specific attention on the link between water resources and energy. Also part of the team developing a pan-European power system model.

Project description

The objective of WEFE-Energy, work package of the JRC WEFE-NEXUS project, is to assess the water-energy nexus in a low carbon energy system, making use of expertise, models and scenarios already available at the European Commission (such as the JRC models Dispa-SET and LISFLOOD, or DG ENER’s EU Energy Reference Scenario), in order to i) identify water/energy management and production strategies that result in overall benefits to the economy and society at broad, with a more balanced water demand and availability, especially in water-stressed areas, and ii) provide modelling-based estimations of the baseline conditions and interactions of water quantity, water quality, and energy production. The deliverables resulting from this WP will contribute to i) understanding the impacts and of water resources on the operation of the energy system, and vice versa, ii) the spatial analysis and projection of water and energy requirements of agricultural and urban areas in different regions, as well as iii) producing insights for a better management of water and energy resources. This work is needed for supporting the impact assessments and communications related to the Energy Union Actions, and data analysis and intelligence. The project is also relevant in the frame of the ongoing collaboration with DoE/ TEC WG on Technology. The geographical scope of the models is Europe (EU + neighbouring countries) and Africa.

Senior Data Scientist