Wind and other CO2-free assets replacing coal in 2030

The report explores the potential of new wind capacity to fill the vacuum created by the coal fleet

Analysis of the water-power nexus in the Southern African Power Pool

This technical report provides the results of the model-based analyses carried out for the Southern Africa Power Pool (SAPP)

Power system flexibility in a variable climate

What is the impact of climate variability on European power systems?

The operation of the European Power System in 2016

The present report summarises the creation of “current contexts” to simulate with METIS the European power system as closely as possible to today’s (“current”) configuration. The simulated operation is compared to the actual operation based on …

The Joint Research Centre Power Plant Database (JRC-PPDB)

This report is a description of the JRC's open power plant database (JRC-PPDB-OPEN), its structure and the information it contains. JRC-PPDB-OPEN is mainly based on information from ENTSO-E's lists of installed capacity in Europe, extended through …

Analysis of the water-power nexus in the West African power pool

The operation and economics of the power systems are constrained by the availability and temperature of water resources since thermal power plants need water for cooling and hydropower plants are fuelled by water to generate electricity. In Europe …

Water – Energy Nexus in Europe

The interdependencies between water and energy are well known and they have become a topic of increasing attention for the scientific and policy communities. Water is used throughout the energy industry, and the water system needs energy for …

Sviluppo sostenibile e cambiamento climatico in Sardegna. Le previsioni climatiche e il loro impatto di una governance sostenibile

Influence of Topological Features on Spatially-Structured Evolutionary Algorithms Dynamics