Public sector information and energy system datasets

Recently I had the occasion to contribute to a document providing a feedback on European Commission public consultation on directives 2003/98/EC and 2013/37/EU. The work has been coordinated by Robbie Morrison, an important contributor to the OpenMod Initiative (and not only).

The document is available at this link, and it discusses all the concerns related to the (re-)use of public information and the needs from energy modellers community. It is also related to my recent experience in the C3S ECEM service where, with a bunch of smart and enthusiastic people from the energy & meteorology community, I had the possibility to really understand the potentialities and limitations in the use of public available data for the modelling of European power systems in relation to the link with meteorological variables. The document explores many issues like data longevity, copyrights and unclear legal status of datasets, the right to archive, etc. Enjoy the read and feel free to drop me a message if you want more details!

Scientific Officer