Water-Energy nexus in African Power Pools – The Dispa-SET Africa model

Robust and highly detailed analysis of water-energy nexus in African power pools.

Varying snow and vegetation signatures of surface albedo feedback on the Northern Hemisphere land warming

Changes in snow and vegetation cover associated with global warming can modify surface albedo (the reflected amount of radiative energy from the sun), therefore modulating the rise of surface temperature that is primarily caused by anthropogenic …

The importance of weather and climate to energy systems: A workshop on Next Generation Challenges in Energy-Climate Modelling

Quantifying the sensitivity of european power systems to energy scenarios and climate change projections

An estimation of the impact of climate change on future European power systems

Reconstruction of Multidecadal Country-Aggregated Hydro Power Generation in Europe Based on a Random Forest Model

A framework using climate data to model hydro power generation at the country

Remote sensing for monitoring and mapping Land Productivity in Italy: A rapid assessment methodology

A remote sensing-based methodology for the Land Productivity (LP) rapid assessment and monitoring

Residual load probabilistic forecast for reserve assessment: a real case study

Distributed generation from wind and solar acts on regional electric demand as a reduced consumption, giving rise to a ``load shadowing effect''. The net load becomes much more difficult to predict due to its dependence on the meteorological …

Advancing climate services for the European renewable energy sector through capacity building and user engagement

The development of successful climate services faces a number of challenges, including the identification of the target audience and their needs and requirements, and the effective communication of complex climate information, through engagement with …

Scoping the potential usefulness of seasonal climate forecasts for solar power management

Solar photovoltaic energy is widespread worldwide and particularly in Europe, which became in 2016 the first region in the world to pass the 100 GW of installed capacity. As with all the renewable energy sources, for an effective management of solar …

A simplified seasonal forecasting strategy, applied to wind and solar power in Europe

We demonstrate the current levels of skill for seasonal forecasts of wind and irradiance in Europe, using forecast systems available from the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S). While skill is patchy, there is potential for the development of …